ITF 2017 Per Player Testing Statistics (Update)

The official player-by-player testing summary for 2017 has been released: 2017 per player testing summary

Here’s a summary of who was tested 7+ times both in and out of competition: 2017 per player testing summary, 7+ tests

As already known, the number of IC tests far outweighs the number of OOC tests (see here).

Some notable points:

  1. Novak Djokovic has been tested 4-6 times IC and 7+ times OOC despite missing large parts of the 2017 season.
  2. Serena Williams has been tested 1-3 times both IC and OOC despite only playing two tournaments and one exhibition match.
  3. There are some odd cases where players were tested 7+ times either exclusively IC or exclusively OOC.

This gives rise to further questions:

  1. What’s the criteria upon which increased testing of a given player is based? Is it merely based on the number of matches played or are other factors taken into consideration as well (e.g. oddities shown in urine tests or the Athlete Biological Passport)? (see the points 1 and 2 above and players such as Errani or Ferrer)
  2. What’s the criteria upon which the decision to test a given player more frequently either IC or OOC is based? (see point 3 above and a player such as Sharapova)
  3. If we’d know the then-current minimum testing rates for EPO and HGH as imposed by the WADA and also know that the TADP at least confirms to those, we could roughly estimate how often a given player may have been tested for those substances in 2017 (given that we also know the share of blood tests in the overall sample quantity).

I’ve contacted the WADA about the third question and will contact the ITF about the first two questions. I’ll keep you updated about any findings.

Update 05/03/2018: Two weeks have passed since I contacted the WADA and I’ve yet to receive an answer. The ITF replied almost immediately with their usual ‘confidential’ line. Apparently everything that isn’t already publicised on the TADP site is deemed confidential by the ITF. You’d only want to keep those details away from the public if it’d make the ITF appear in a bad light.


121 thoughts on “ITF 2017 Per Player Testing Statistics (Update)

    • All the same really, but del potro is the much lesser evil I bet. You never know if Federer, given his recent displays, actually is a contender to beat Nadal in the most egregious doper of all time stakes.


    • DelPo has a good chance to win his first Masters 1000! Obviously, dope is prevalent throughout tennis, so we can’t exactly buy into DelPo’s rise this year to being au natural & clean. His speed & movement seems unbelievable for his stature, but he is certainly more welcomed to win to open up the field for new winners!


  1. I can’t believe that Federer blew it from 40-15 up on his own serve, but I’m glad he did. The Federer-hype would have been absolutely nauseating if he had won this, too,


  2. Good for Delpo! Hope this starts the release of the chokehold on the Masters & Slams. Federer says he’ll be back next year.


    • What a great win, well done del Porto. Well deserved and finally someone beats Federer.
      Federer wants to play on?? Please just retire lol


  3. BTW, I hope I never have to hear again how Federer has managed to last this long because he keeps points short. Maybe that was true a couple of years ago when he was attempting his first comeback after his miserable 2013 season, but that’s certainly not true today. His defensive today was absolutely unreal. Del Potro hit 42 winners to 24 unforced errors and still struggled mightily to win.


    • Don’t know why people keep talking about Federer’s ability to keep the points short (of late) . Did they watch him play against Coric and Del Porto lol some long rallies in those matches. I’m assuming now Federer will the French Open


    • Yeah. He’s out rallied heavy hitters with unbelievable stamina, speed, & power (hmmm, where is all that power coming from to hang in with players in their 20s.) And Those last two matches were his toughest this year according to the commentators given his greatest ever 17-0 start to the year (wouldn’t know, haven’t tuned in to watch tennis much this year except for Oz & latter stages of IW) & he came out looking fresher than both players in 3rd (except the last tiebreaker vs. DelPo in which he actually looked his age!).
      Hoping DelPo can continue this momentum into clay season & challenge the nauseating dominance of Nadal. Federer probably will take clay season off like last year to “recharge” for Wimbledon.


    • Federer’s treatment towards umpires is questionable, at times. But the media rarely writes about it. Ben Rothenberg’s tweet is spot on


  4. I watched the match from the second set on. I was amazed at one partocular rally. Del Potro was running around his backhand and blasting huge forehands. He must have hit 5 forehands which would have been clean winners vs anyone not named Nadal/Djokovic/Murray. Yet Federer kept retreiving those balls. Unbelievable.


  5. So apparently ( didn’t see the match), Federer wasn’t on his best behaviour which is not as u common as the media would have you believe. But to still be that psyched up about winning matches after all he has achieved, the man has no limits in sight.


    • I didn’t see the whole match but I’ve also read comments on social media that Federer’s behaviour was shocking and arrogant today. He probably expected to win IW. Arrogant.


    • Yeah the pro Federer crowds have been getting worse and worse of late. I guess Federer hasn’t been used to someone giving them the middle finger since Djokovic went off the boil, so he got annoyed.


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